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How do I know we're in compliance? How do I know we're operating safely? How do I know my employees are certified to perform their assigned work?' To help answer these essential questions and to help companies not only meet their compliance needs, but also be proactive in going beyond compliance, P2 Energy Solutions can help.

P2 Energy Solutions

Jeff McPherson


While compliance and safety have long been concerns of oil and gas companies, the industry is seeing increased enforcement and pressure from regulatory agencies, and even neighborhood communities, to ensure that companies are operating safely—and to prove that fact. Companies need to easily track, escalate, remediate, report, and audit critical and near-miss incidents in the field and the office. Additionally, companies need the confidence that their employees are trained and that they can respond to inquiries and investigations. Having the ability to prove compliance is more important than ever.

The P2 Beyond Compliance solution "organizes all health, safety and regulatory compliance-related activities into one integrated database," explains P2's Director, Product Management - Compliance, Jeff McPherson. "It provides oversight into what the compliance requirements are and the activities they drive, organized by job function within the organization." P2's compliance solution also provides a methodology with clear instructions outlining what needs to be done, and a checklist of questions supporting these activities. The information is easily accessible by employees who need to complete the tasks, from a hand-held device or any web browser, to e-mail notifications that keep users updated without having to log in to check on progress.

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